SAP Content Server (SAP CS) is a separate server instance that is used to store different type of contents like scanned documents, images, multimedia file, electronics documents etc. It is an excellent document storage management system available from SAP. Documents and data can be securely stored either MaxDB database or files system.

SAP Content Server - Repository for SAP DMS


Implementation of Content Server allows your Business documents securely access them from the related SAP business transaction. SAP Content Server is integrated via the HTTP interface. It can be administrated or monitoring directly by SAP System. Its reduce to database load from Application database by storing document into an Content Server using database.



SAP Content Server Architecture

SAP Content Server Architecture



The Content Server and the Cache Server are server components that interact with the Knowledge Provider. A cache is used to store copies of documents when they are accessed for the first time. As a result, the documents can be accessed again more quickly, since the contents are taken directly from the cache.



  • Very simple to use and easy to configure.
  • Provides a flexible and scalable architecture.
  • Ability to create file system and database repositories.
  • Secure storage and support for security certificates.
  • Reduce SAP Database load and improving efficiency of accessing documents.
  • Automatic backup of stored document. Tools are provided with SAP Content Server software.
  • Business processes can be improved with the integration of SAP workflow, SAP DMS, SAP Business Workplace, Archive link and SAP Knowledge warehouse.
  • SAP Content Server is available on Windows server 2000/2003/2008 and also for Unix platform.

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