SAP DMS or Document Management System, is a cross application component of SAP that provides robust document and e-asset management capabilities. SAP DMS is a major component of SAP PLM solution. It is mainly use to manage business Documents, which are very important for day to day business. Companies needs to access these documents and make it available for every authorized person. SAP DMS provides us to store all important documents need to accessible by every one in the organization.



One of the important task of the DMS is to protect the SAP applications from the details of administration data storage. In other words, the DMS administrate and process all administration data and the corresponding tables on behalf of the SAP applications. The DMS also implements a lock mechanism, which guarantees that only one author can work on a document at any one time.

Main Capabilities of SAP DMS:

SAP DMS enables the capture and management of :

  • Electronic documents,
  • CAD models and drawings,
  • Microsoft Office files,
  • Scanned images,
  • Multi-media files,
  • Any other electronic files that should be stored and controlled in a secure environment.

SAP DMS provides:

  • Version and revision control,
  • Integrated workflow capabilities,
  • Full text retrieval and search functionality,
  • Linkage with SAP business objects such as Bill of Materials, material masters (parts), process plans, engineering change masters, and production orders.

SAP DMS supports archiving and SAP classification schemes as well as third-party archiving repositories. SAP DMS provides integrated viewing and redlining capabilities.

What is the Benefit of it?

For the Companies generating lot of documents every day, it provides following functionality

  • With it, we can Securely  Store documents
  • We can store in SAP Database
  • We can store in File System
  • We can store in Content server
  • Check-in / check out functionality
  • It provides search document facility
  • We can Link the documents to other objects in SAP
  • Change management
  • Version management

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By Dipak Khatavkar. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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