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7 Step Guide To Enable Successful EDI implementation


While there remains no doubt about the potency of EDI system solutions in simplifying business processes across world, the system installation still has its own sets of internal complexity.

Let’s find out what are the major elements that can help to tone down the labor of this installation process.

The core factors responsible for the success of EDI Implementation:

Automation can surely be an onus full task. However, with the right knowledge and resources you can surely do it easily.

  • A local controller Master Data Management System
  • Authority throughout the corporation to access all products been sold in the market
  • Allocation of adequate resources
  • The right recruitment of people for different job profiles with a single master leader
  • Complete backing of management
  • Timely deliveries and smooth project management
  • Deep understanding of the local market for delivering further assistance

The step-by-step guide to the most effective installation of your EDI system:

  • Prep-up: The first pre-requisite of the induction of any EDI integration project is the presence of senior management teamed with a project manager and representatives from different departments of operation like sales, information services etc. This ensures the smooth flow of information and funds deeper insights into the goals and scope of the project.
  • Create targets: The implementation team shall be responsible to look after the timely set-up and development of a plan with all information of tasks, resources and delivery targets.
  • Standardization: With the EDI format and communication protocols standardized, all documentations and specs becomes manageable when on-run.
  • Choosing right documents for EDI transaction: Trading partners often specify EDI standards and type of documents they transact in.
  • Choose the format: Depending upon the size of your company, you need to choose the right format of EDI; cloud based service or on-premise.
  • Direct System or file integration: The total decision of this depends on whether the software management system is a legacy or modern system.
  • Establish a pilot project: Pilot projects are initiated to figure out loopholes in the set-up.
  • Set-up: In the final step, launch your EDI to business partners with the best combination of users training, proper implementation scheme and establishment of an element.

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