EDI Migration: Evaluation and Planning Steps

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Ask it anywhere in the world. A company that has undergone an EDI Migration process does have an induction story of their action. However, the reason varies from time to time and case to case. Sometimes the mode is internal and the other time, it is external.

Following are some of the majorly witnessed reasons over years across the world:

  • Meet new trading partner requirements
  • Meet new EDI compliance requirements
  • Business growth
  • Automation
  • Cost reduction
  • Managing Competitors

EDI Migration: evaluations

In the context of migration of EDI, EDI evaluation often comes in. The factors and opportunities aforementioned must raise awareness to evaluate the same.

The most basic concern that takes up mostly is the simplicity factor of the whole process. As EDI products go on augmenting processes, it is also an important aspect to consider how efficient your EDI integration process is.

The main goal that shall determine a successful EDI deployment should always be fixed on creating a seamless operation between customer and its trading partners as well as the inner management of the company.

If you are considering a change, it is highly recommendable to rethink your approach in association with an EDI specialist for expert EDI support. It will not only streamline the whole process but will take care of curbing down unnecessary costs.

Plan your EDI Migration with the simplest approach:

Planning a migration of EDI to come down successful happens to be an onusfull task. However, with the right approach you can easily uncomplicated it.
Switching or upgrading is usually justified by business driving factors like cutting transactional costs, renew software life, equip with most modern and developed capabilities.

Following is the step-by-step plan to the smoother landing to EDI

  • Divide and rule your trading partner list
  • Avoid exposure to newer testing protocols with easy maintenance of communication during the transition and practicing extensive end-to-end comparison testing within your own landscape.
  • Edi visibility platforms like the IntelligentXchange from an EDI source helps bridging the gap between EDI software packages during migration.

At Apprisia, we take special care to serve our customers every need of EDI migrations. Our EDI Services are 360 degree and customer centric.

Some of our services are:

  • EDI migration support to software like Gentran GIS, GXS etc.
  • EDI migration support to newer software like SeeBurger to SAP PO B2B etc.
  • Installation of new EDI environment(Dev, Test, Prod)
  • Managed EDI for Industries like Retail, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Logistics etc.
  • Managed EDI Standards like ANSI X12, EDIFACTs etc.

Start your EDI move with Apprisia’s best EDI Support today!

Need Help:

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