Healthcare services is a pretty long and complicated process that needs attention, care, management and finally the right diagnosis. However, with the inception of EDI technology, the whole process of health care has a back to rest on.

EDI works to augment efficiency of a wide purview of domain starting from healthcare claims processing, maintenance of medical records, billing information and much more.

HL7 together with its team brings a path-breaking healthcare solution in the form of HL7 EDI Support and solutions. An HL7 interface renders a framework that caters to a 360 solution to health services; the exchange, integration, sharing, retrieval of electronic health services related information.

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The different levels of standards in HL7:

HL7 caters to seven different levels of frequent used standardization:

Primary standards:

Considered the most popular, this is by far the most frequently used category. It is mainly used for system integrations, inter-operability and compliance.

Foundational standards:

These are the fundamental tools used to build standards and the technology infrastructure that is used by deployers of HL7 manage.

Clinical and administrative domains:

This operates in the documentation and messaging standards of clinical specialties. However, the best practice to implement them is after the successful implementation of primary standards.

EHR profiles:

This standard specifically focuses to aid electronic health management by providing a suitable construction of standardized models and profiles.

Implementation guides:

This contains the supporting documents and help books that are created to enable assistance during conjunction process of a standard with an existing one.

Guidelines and references:

This set of standards holds all kinds of technical specifications, programing framework and also the guidelines mandatory for developing standards and software.

Education and awareness:

This section can be treated as a miscellaneous part. It contains helpful resources and tools that can be helpful to supplement understanding and adoption of HL7 standards at a trial level or even current projects.

The many benefits of integration of Healthcare HL7 EDI service:

Integrating your healthcare with an HL7 interface not only gives you an end-to-end healthcare service but also streamlines the whole process reducing many streams of efforts;

  • Automated and centralized hub makes it easy for all the end operators to understand and co-relate the whole working procedure.
  • There is a huge reduction of costs and manpower seen with this one movement.
  • These are much more hassle free and easier to maintain.

Apprisia’s new innovative HL7 EDI Support and services makes it easier for our clientele to realize and experience the benefits HL7 at its best. Our Healthcare HL7 EDI service experts cater to end-to-end problem solving to all our customers keeping the promise of 100% satisfaction each time.

Some of our HL7 EDI services are:

  • EDI production support
  • EDI software support for major EDI products like GXS, Sterling, etc.
  • EDI resource augmentation that are compatible with formats of XML, web service etc.
  • Support ERP with major systems like SAP ECC etc.
  • HL7 Benefits and HL7 service support from Apprisia

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