With the far-reaching impacts that the EDI system is already having on global businesses, there is still a lot of scope to improve the already improved business processes. One of those potency holes is the inventory inquiry within EDI systems.

How inventory documents are re-defining the shapes of business processes:

With an already efficient EDI service, an additional integration of an inventory inquiry document readily flexes your company in terms of keeping a stronger vigilance under their products, bills and documents thereby managing them better than ever before.

However, before looking on what are the major benefits that an inventory document can draw to your business, first let’s shed all the dizzy qualms about the essence of inventory document.

What is an inventory document?

An inventory document is an e-generated document that enables suppliers to communicate all kinds of inventory information and updates related to the product with their trading partner. It makes the whole process hassle-free and automated.

The major areas where you can benefit from an inventory document:

Simplifying product inquiry and advisory: Inventory inquiry informs about the quantity of a particular product that the supplier prior purchasing.

Simplifying business decisions: From the prior information of the product availability, the retailer takes decisions like whether to place an order, run any kind of promotion, or even make a choice of some other supplier in case the running time of the former appears low.

Empowering efficiency: As it is the action flow of the above easily tends to make it possible for the supplier to notify the retailers about products that are overstocked and on discounted prices encouraging the retailer for special promotions or pricing.

Empowering customer services: This data can always be displayed on the retailer’s website with information regarding the availability of units of the products for shipping to the customers.

Thus, good inventory software can readily improve your inventory system rendering transparency and simplicity to an otherwise intricate process.

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