Enhanced Propose Item Button Functionality from SAP Support

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Sales is the soul of business, because sales, means revenue, profits, growth, sustainability and even long-term survival. While it is important to get sales orders, it is even more important to be able to meet those orders timely to the satisfaction of the customer. Humans are known to vacillate over their needs, and with customers, there are no hard and fast rules over what their orders are, and these could change without any prior information.

Without the right SAP Support, this becomes a challenge as clients experience difficulties in creating sales order in which they need to add large number of materials manually to in order to meet their customers demand.

Standard SAP ABAP only displays the list of sales orders created by the specific item sold to the party, delivery or PO number entered in the pop-up screen. By enhancing the standard SAP code, whenever a user clicks on propose item button on sales order screen, the user selects multiple materials from the list of materials and add them to the sales order.
Customers usually prefer to create orders in which they can add large number of materials manually to as the needs arise; and as there are customers who order same materials over and over again, Apprisia SAP Support team has come up with SAP ABAP which has enhanced the functionality of propose item button using a couple of enhancements created at different places in standard code and provided customer the custom search help where user can select multiple materials from the list and add them to sales order.

With this enhanced SAP ABAP from Apprisia SAP Support, whenever the user clicks on the proposed item button and enter sold to a party (customer) the customer search help is displayed with the information on the materials and its description as ordered by the entered sold to party (customer). The user will be able to select the multiple materials and can add them to the sales order. This enhancement from SAP Support greatly increased customers satisfaction, as the customer was able to create the sales order with large number of materials in it.

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Prashant Sakhare

SAP Consultant