Get The Best Ways To Enhance VF11 – Basic Concepts And Techniques

Header-Design Augmentation

Enhancement Frame Work:- Adding custom development to the standard functionality without disturbing the original one is called as an Enhancement. In some cases standard functionalities may not meet our/user requirement. For this SAP has provided hooks to add user functionality to the standard business Scenario.

Initially User-exit were used as mode of enhancement. The user can add his code in custom include program and activate it. The main problem with user exits was that only a single implementation was possible. That means if an enhancement is included in project that cannot be reused as long as the project is active.

To over come this issue SAP has come up with BADI concept which supports multiple implementation.These enhancements were good with transactions some times an enhancement was required on a standard report for this SAP has provided an Enhancement Spots. These Spots can be implicit or Explicit.

Business Requirement:- For the transaction VF11, on save button click a pop up needs to be displayed,where user will pass text on reason for cancellation will be displayed in VF03 header text.

Step by Step procedure to meet our business requirement :-

  • Enter the transaction VF11 and press Enter.
  • Enter the Invoice Document Number and press Enter.
  • Here click on save button pop up will be displayed .
  • To Display the pop up dialog box, there is a function module “TRM_POPUP_TEXT_INPUT” .

Here pass the text reason for cancellation.

 Here click on continue button it generates the internal number range. In the pop up after entering the reason for cancellation,that text will be displayed in VF03 Header Text. To display the text there is a function module “ SAVE_TEXT”.

  • Now Enter the transaction VF03 and press enter.
  • Now Enter the system generated billing document number and press enter.
  • Here Choose Menu bar Select Go To-> Header ->click on Header texts.
  • Here text is displayed which is entered in VF11 pop up screen.

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