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How We Improved Product Shipping Process By Enhancing The SAP ABAP Standard Code!

Product Shipping

In today’s internet driven world, businesses are deploying IT infrastructures to be ahead of competitors. Such IT infrastructure include SAP ABAP and its associated SAP Support. In SAP ABAP, it is pertinent to capture the time the truck arrives at the site to be loaded. This time also needs to be stored in schedule line of the sales order to be used for further processing and comparison against the previously scheduled load date and time for the truck.

This is important because organizations who are provided with the traditional SAP ABAP by their SAP Support usually encounter difficulties in managing the bulk products/materials they were to load to trucks from their shipping point using Delivery Due List as the main tool. This list includes the sales orders by schedule line, that are due to picked up over a number of days and the scheduled time that trucks are intended to arrive, therefore ensuring that trucks that arrive earlier/later are also catered for.

However, Apprisia’s SAP Support has enhanced SAP ABAP, the standard transaction VL10G (Delivery Due List) by adding 3 new fields in the standard report. These are Collection Time, a new custom table which stores collection time of each shipping point used; Arrival Time, this is the actual time the truck arrives at the shipping point, determined when the truck presents itself at the loading point and Status. This field is determined on the basis of the above two fields and comparing the scheduled date of the truck from the current date when delivery due list is run.

The enhanced SAP ABAP has several benefits to the customer. First, customer satisfaction was high, which means increased patronage. More successes were recorded in managing the timings when truck arrives at the loading point, and also a lot easier to handle trucks that arrive earlier/later than scheduled. Apprisia SAP ABAP has proven to be best SAP Support.

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