SAP HR Infotypes are the information units that are used in the Human Resource Management System. SAP HR Infotypes keeps the information in structured way and facilitates to enter the data of employee for specific periods. SAP HR Infotypes helps in recording the data for administrative or payroll purpose. SAP ABAP HR developers focus on creating business value for the organization by providing SAP ABAP HR developments and customizations to meet business requirements.

Features of Info Types:

  • are information units called information types or info types
  • group related data fields together
  • provide information with a structure
  • facilitate data entry using Data Entry screens
  • enable data storage for specific periods
  • can have subtypes

Why Infotypes?
As HR is related to time , we require old data as well as new data. The data we enter into the infotypes are automatically checked for accuracy and against the table entries. In simple, HR data is huge and to access data easily we require infotype.

List Of Important Info types:

  • Personal Data (International)
  • Addresses (Infotype 0006)
  • Bank Details (Infotype 0009)
  • Challenge (infotype 0004)
  • Personal Data (Infotype 0002)
  • Family/Related Person (Infotype 0021)
  • Internal Medical Service (Infotype 0028
  • Personnel Actions (International)
  • Actions (Infotype 0000)
  • Organizational Data (International)
  • Cost Distribution (Infotype 0027)
  • Organizational Assignment (Infotype 0001)
  • Reference Personnel Number (Infotype 0031)
  • Reference Personnel Number Priority (Infotype 0121
  • Sales Data (Infotype 0900)
  • Contractual and Corporate Agreements (international)
  • Company Instructions (info type 0035)
  • Corporate Function (info type 0034)
  • Internal Control (Info type 0032)
  • Works Councils (info type 0054)
  • Objects on Loan (Info type 0040)
  • Contract Elements (Infotype 0016)
  • Powers of Attorney (infotype 0030)
  • Payroll Data (International)
  • Payroll Status (Infotype 0003)
  • Basic Pay (Infotype 0008)
  • Appraisals (Infotype 0025)
  • Additional Payments (Infotype 0015)
  • External Bank Transfers (infotype 0011)
  • Membership Fees (Infotype 0057)
  • Insurance (Infotype 0037)
  • Recurring Payments/Deductions (Infotype 0014)

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By Gopichand Panghate. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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