Lifetime of view in ABAP Webdynpro (for Online Adobe Form)

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While working on a project related to ABAP Webdynpro for one of our clients, we came across a scenario where user had to display an online Adobe Form.

The requirement was to display application data on an Online adobe form and user would be able to perform changes to the existing data present on the form.

During the development, we came across a situation, where user would pass data from Web Dynpro View to Adobe View.

Below image shows the example for the same.

The process of passing data was simple. But we noticed that when user would navigate to Webdynpro view from Adobe view and again returns back to Adobe view, the contents present in the fields were not cleared on the form. The old data persists in the fields although the contents were cleared while navigating from Adobe to Webdynpro.

Below is the image which displays the Text field which contains the same data as it was present earlier.

Solution to this problem is simple and is present inside the framework. We have to set the property of ‘Lifetime’ as ‘When Visible’ in the Properties tab of the View.

Below is the image which shows how to set the property.

After setting this property run the same scenario, at this moment user will be able to see the blank value as shown below.

When the property is set Lifetime = When Visible in properties tab of view, the view controller always gets deleted as soon as the corresponding view disappears from the user interface.

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