SAP ABAP Enhancement Spot – Tutorial and Best Practices

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Best Practices:
Whenever requirement comes to enhance any transaction using enhancement spot

  1. Go to SE93 and find the program name. Or, go to the transaction and go to the screen on which you want to do enhancement. Go to system->status, you will see program name and screen number.
  2. Go to this program from SE38 and open required screen number.
  3. Search for Enhancement by selecting modules or forms available.  Here you need to understand the flow of the program, so that you can decide whether selected module or form is the right place to enter your code. Is it giving you the required output or there is any other module or form which is better than the previous one.

These are some of best practices which you can follow while selecting enhancement spot for enhancement.

Enhance first screen of VL02 transaction to default ‘Delivery’ value ‘80014974’.

  • Go to transaction VL02

To obtain the screen number Goto system->status.

  • See the screen number
  • Go to the program SAPMV50A and screen number 101
  • Find enhancement spot.

Go to module cua_setzen,
FORM cua_setzen

Create Enhancement implementation for
enhancement-point cua_setzen_01 spots es_sapmv50a.

ENHANCEMENT 218 ZTRY.    “active version
if likp-vbeln is INITIAL.
likp-vbeln = 0080014974.

For further information on Enhancement Techniques, refer my blog.

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By Gopichand Panghate. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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