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To improve the performance and quality of code, SAP has provided following Performance Analysis tools: Transaction SE30 and SQL trace transaction ST05.These Performance Analysis Transactions are very useful for performance optimization of an ABAP object.

  1. Run time analysis transaction SE30  Using the transaction SE30, we can do the analysis of ABAP program with respect to ABAP, Database and System. So, we can evaluate the quality of code. This transaction is used to do the analysis of transactions, function modules and reports.
    In the Evaluate button, you can see four more buttons like:-
    • Hit List: This button displays the execution time of each statement in the program in the form of standard and restricted branching.
    • Object-centered hit list: Using this button we can see the database tables, internal tables, classes, instances, methods and events which are used in ABAP programs.
    • Group hit list: Here we can get the execution time of all the statements and grouping them based on the type of command.
    • Hierarchy:In hierarchy display we can see execution time of each and every statement. Any tables used by the transaction or program can be easily traced with the runtime analysis tools.

2. SQL Trace transaction ST05
The SQL trace is most important tool to test the performance of the database and gives the duration time for each step in process. We can measure execution time of operations such as declare, prepare, open, fetch, and reopen.ST05 transaction contains the following tracing options:

  • SQL Trace:  In SQL trace we can observe database operations used in reports and transactions.
  • Enqueue Trace: Using this trace we can track locking and unlocking statements.
  • RFC Trace: This provides information about total time used to complete process of remote function calls. Also we can track on which instance these calls are executed.
  • Table buffer Trace:  We can monitor the load on buffer table, whether it is loaded or not. If we switch on table buffer trace then its records all buffer tables which are used by user.

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