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SAP ABAP Web Services Creation – Top Best Options

SAP Web Service is a capability provided by SAP, using which we can quickly implement new innovative Business services. SAP provides Web service capability to create vastly- integrated Web Service. These Web Services put in a nutshell with business logic representing actions against data entities that affect across application domain. These services make implementation of business process cost-effective particularly in changing business requirement scenarios.

Before it came to web service, we use ABAP – based communication technologies like IDOCS, RFC, ALE, BAPI, which are the basis of many hook up/adapter products including SAP JCo and SAP .NET Connector. There had been limitations to access SAP business functions from the non-SAP world. But from WebAS 6.20 SAP making business functions available through web service technologies (SAP ABAP web Services and Java web Services)

SAP ABAP Web Service:
Abap function modules can be exposed as web service either directly or via proxy technologies. When using proxy technology to expose web services, services are defined in XI and exposed in the ABAP stack. A web service consumer application can then load the WSDL and invoke the ABAP web service.

How to create SAP ABAP Web Service?
Many SAP business data can be accessed through RFC-enabled function modules. BAPIs are implemented as RFC-enabled function modules and provide standardized programming interface. All RFC-enabled function modules (so all the BAPIs) are exposed as web services by default (i.e. no work needed to make them web services). This feature is available since WebAS 6.20.

  1. Select function module (RFC enabled) name from browser in left side like following fig. 1. Follow the steps : right click on function module name then select create tab then web service to open the wizard window to create web service

  1. Next step is to Select “Service Provider” as object type, then click on continue tab.

  1. Now Select “Existing ABAP Objects (Inside Out)” option in this screen then continue.

  1. In the following screen specify web service name started with Z, then give description and select “Function Module” as end point then continue.

  1. Now in next screen of wizard enter end point function module name. Also make it sure that “Name Mapping” check box must be checked.

  1. Next step is select default profile or “PRF_DT_IF_SEC_LOW” and also check “Deploy service” check box then continue.

  1. In the following screen enter package name and transport request then continue.

  1. In next screen click on complete to complete the process.

To publish web service use WSPUBLISH  t-code, it will open following screen and put following information

Service Names                  : <web-service name>

Search Scope                     : default option (All Services)

Publish Information’s      : default option (Service Definition & end points)

Republication                    :  Check “Force Publication”

Service Registry                 : SR_UDDI

Then press F8 to complete the process of publication. On successful publication this web service can be accessed from any SAP and non-SAP application which is accessing that Service Repository where we published that web-service.

Please send us your questions, comments or assistance, and our team would be glad to assist you.

By Gopichand Panghate. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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