SAP BDS (Business Document Service) for storage of documents and attachments in SAP ECC

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In some business scenarios, there is need to attach/store external file to standard object like Material/ Purchase Order or to custom application like Loan Application; in such case we can use SAP standard methodology like SAP Office, BDS (Business Document Service), DMS (Document Management Service), GDS (Generic Document Services) to store actual files in system with logical relation to an object or Application – these documents can be retrieved later.

All these methodologies provide basic functionality which includes:

  • Attachment Creation for Object
    This functionality will create logical relationship between attached object and actual SAP business object
  • Retrieving stored attachment and Display

BDS (Business Document Service)

  • Maintain Assignment of Business Objects to Document Classes – Tcode – SBDSV
    As basic configuration, you need to create class (for Business Object) for your application e.g. Student Admission Application.
  • Maintain Storage Categories – Tcode – SBDSV2
    Once you are done with creation of BDS Application Class, assign required document type such as BDS_ATTACH –Attachment, BDS_HTMLT- HTML template, BDS_IMAGE –Screen, BDS_SHEET          Table template, BDS_SLIDE Presentation, BDS_TEXT Text to BDS Application class name. You can create new Document class and document Type through SPRO configuration if needed.

BDN (Business Document Navigator)
BDN (Business Document Navigator) is a tool provided by SAP for mediating Documents.

Basic functions provided by BDN includes:

  • Store Document
  • Display Detail information about stored document
  • Display Documents
  • Display Version, Keyword for documents
  • Copy, Edit, Delete Documents
  • Store WWW address

These are some functionality examples provided by BDN.

These documents are stored in SAP Database Table (default for existing classes defined by SAP), but we can change this storage location, like if we want to store these documents in any external server. To achieve this we can create Content Repository, Content Category and assign it to Physical Document class.

Standard Function modules and BAPI’s are available to do all these functionality through ABAP code so we can use BDS to store documents for external applications. Below are some useful Function modules for BDS.






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