SAP data masking is increasingly getting important since companies are required to protect their sensitive data. All the non-production data is accessed by employees, contract employees and outsourcing companies providing SAP support services. All companies have non-disclosure agreements and data confidentiality contracts with employees and outsourcing SAP service companies. However, with increased access to SAP non-production systems to various participants, companies have to take concrete steps to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data (SD, MM, HR, FI, CO etc.).


The SAP data masking and data scrambling is required for the SAP data obfuscation to prevent unauthorized usage.

The SAP data masking or data scrambling technique should provide the following capabilities:

  • Not reversible. The hashing or encryption method should be one-way.
  • Impossible to determine original data from the scrambled data
  • Resemble the original data such as telephone number or street address
  • Maintain referential integrity. For example: if the social security number is a primary key and it is scrambled, then all of its occurrences in the linked SAP tables should get replaced to preserve referential integrity.

Approach for Data masking in the SAP ECC/SAP HR landscape:

  • The Development and Quality systems data needs to be masked or scrambled
  • The SAP Quality system is usually a copy refreshed from the SAP Production system
  • The SAP Quality system sensitive data elements in the various SAP functional modules (such as FI, HR, SD etc.) need to be identified.
  • The sensitive data needs to be masked / obfuscated.

Solutions for SAP Data masking / obfuscation:

  • Custom development: Suited for data masking for a smaller set of data elements that are known to the customer. This approach allows control, future changes and at reduced costs compared to the commercial products in the market.
  • Commercial Products for SAP data masking

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By Manish Agarwal. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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