LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) as its name signifies is a SAP R/3 based tool which is used to transfer non-sap data into sap. Being an integrated part of SAP, this tool is free of cost to SAP’s customers and partners.  This configurable tool is a cross-application component, basically used for standard SAP applications. It is preferred over other data transfer methods because of its quality, user-friendly and data consistent features..

In this blog, we provide the basic understanding of legacy system migration workbench.

Key Points:

Major tasks performed by LSMW are:

  • Import Data from Legacy System: LSMW imports data stored in spreadsheets, sequential files etc. from Legacy system. Legacy Data can be stored on presentation server or application server. With the help of LSMW, it can be transferred single or multiple times. Here, it should be noted that while working in online mode, data storage doesn’t matter. But if one wants to do background processing or during periodic transfers, data should be stored in application server.
  • Convert Data: In this phase data read from the source file is converted to target format by applying defined conversion rules.
  • Import Data into SAP System: After conversion, data gets imported into database of SAP system.

Various types of Data to be migrated with the help of LSMW are::

  • Master Data (Material masters, Vendor masters, Customer masters, Bill of material etc)
  • Transaction Data (Sales Order, Purchase Order, Production Order, Financial Documents etc)
  • Configuration Data (Plant, Storage location, purchasing group etc)


Need Help:
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By Seetharam Pallaprolu (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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