In SAP DMS, Document type is one of the importanat thing to define, because using document type we can fullfil our business requirement.

SAP DMS Document Types



By definition, the document type used to categorize documents according to their distinguishing features and the organizational procedures that result from them. It has language dependancy in description of the document type.


The most important use is to have control functions in document management like to control the processing flow via status network.

The Structure of Document type:

The document type is an alphanumeric field in which you can enter up to three characters.

The following overview shows some examples for documents of the same and of different document types.

Documents Document Type Document part Version

DOC-01-AS  DRW                   000                     01

DOC-01-AS  DRW                   000                     02

DOC-02-B    L11                      000                     00

DOC-03-B    L11                      000                     00


In Customizing for the SAP DMS, you can define document types by choosing Define Document types or in SAP T-code ‘DC10’. We will get following screen, when we run this transaction:


SAP DMS Document Types

SAP DMS Document Types

Following aspects are supported by document types:

  • Type of number assignment and number range
  • Version increment
  • Field selection
  • Additional fields
  • Status processing
  • Storage in Knowledge Provider
  • Transport of original application files using ALE

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