We use SAP classification system, to hold index information for miscellaneous SAP business object like document info records. We need to customize the calssification according to our need in order to transfer index data of the documents in SAP DMS. That means, we need to establish classes and allocate index fields, also known as charateristics, to them.

SAP DMS Characteristics and Classes


Here, we have to create the characteristics first , then we create class and then we assign these characteristics to the class. After doing it we assign this class to document type and while creating documet in CV01N using this document type, we get the characteristics to be assigned in the documents.

Follow the steps below for creating new characteristics:

  • Open transaction CT01.
  • Type in a name for the new characteristic and press enter (use charactersA-Z, 0-9 and hypens only).
  • At the new panel enter a description into the field Description.
  • Select a Data Type. It’s recommended to use data type CHAR in order to prevent conversion problems while importing documents.
  • After entering the Data Type fill in the options in the appearing dialog (e.g. length of the string). Do not change the Value assignment!
  • You may check the Entry required checkbox, if this characteristic is required.
    • Save the settings.

After creating all necessary characteristics the class can be creating .

Follow the steps below for creating class:

  • Open transaction CL01
  • In the appearing dialog choose the standard class type for the document management system (default: 017).
  • Enter a name of the new class.
  • Give a description for the class in the class basic data panel.
  • In order to add characteristics click the Characteristics button.
  • Save the class after adding the characteristics.

Check the settings by creating a document info record that is assigned to this class.


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