Modification Assistant is an Enhancement technique used in SAP ABAP.The aim of the Modification Assistant is to make modification adjustments easier on SAP screens.

Modification Available:
You can add, replace, or comment out source code, all under the control of the Modification Assistant. Changes to layout and flow logic in the Screen Painter are also recorded. The Modification Assistant also records changes in the Menu Painter and to text elements, as well as the addition of new function modules to an existing function group If you want to change an SAP object, you must provide the following information: SSCR key, Change request

In modification mode, you have access to a subset of the normal editor tools. You can access these using the appropriate pushbuttons. For example, in the ABAP Editor, you can:

The system generates a framework of comment lines between which you can enter your source code.

Position the cursor on a line and choose Replace. The corresponding line is commented out, and another line appears in which you can enter coding. If you want to replace several lines, mark them as a block first.

Select a line or a block and choose Delete . The lines are commented out.

Undo modifications
This undoes all of the modifications you have made to this object.

Display modification overview
Choose this function to display an overview of all modifications belonging to this object.

The Modification Assistant automatically generates a framework of comment lines describing the action.
The comment also contains the number of the change request to which the change is assigned, and a number used for internal administration.
How to find if transaction has above modification technique available: You can see Insert, Replace, Delete buttons active in tool bar when you enter in change mode if Modification Assistant is ON.

One of the example can be adding fields on the SAP screen.

For further information on Enhancement Techniques, refer my blog.

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