It does not take much time to acknowledge for an enterprise to understand the importance and depth that its human resource holds for its long term success and growth. However, in order to meet up the requirements of this absolutely indispensable resource is somewhat skeptic and complex frequently. The innovative SAP Payroll Solution, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Sap payroll system of managed payroll comes at the rescue of this. It integrates and streamlines core human resource and payroll processes with a cloud-based database system, aiding to global solution for the total of the workforce of an enterprise.

In order to get the most of this technology, let’s start from a little back, understanding certain major terms.

What is employee central SAP payroll solution basically?

The revolutionary technology of employee central payroll launched by SAP aids in an all-round one system set-up solution of technology, embedded localization, and service delivery in the payroll process production. It tones down a lot of labor in the process of simplify the complex structures gaining centralized insights and ensuring compliance with the dynamism of laws and regulations.

What are its major benefits?

The innovative Sap payroll system comes with a number of benefits to render an enterprise.

  • Real-time payroll monitor
  • Global process with embedded localization
  • Legal compliance
  • Intelligent services catering to the needs of everyone
  • Cost reduction with its agile approach
  • Fully integrated with SAP successfactors that benefits with time management, global processes, etc
  • Off-cycle support
  • Responsive and flexible to enhancements
  • Deeply localized to meet in-house requirements

What is managed SAP payroll system?

SAP Success Factors Managed Payroll allows you as an enterprise member to carve out your existing SAP HCM on-premise payroll to the cloud system without hampering your budget and keeping all kinds of hassle aside. It is specially tailored for enterprises who desire to leverage their on-premise HCM solution investment while they enjoy the benefits of hosting and management in the cloud.

The major benefits of managed payroll system:

There are many benefits to count from the Sap payroll process of managed payroll:

  • Enables to leverage your investment in SAP Payroll
  • Curbs out risks inherent in a payroll re-implementation
  • Includes subscription based licensing program, hosting services and application management
  • Enables to experience the best of all in one solution, SAP and SAP Success Factors

The difference between employee central payroll system and sap managed payroll system

Although, it depends upon the domain of enterprise and kind of operation process that a company does to select the best payroll option, a comparative study between the two most widely used options may help to get a clearer picture of the plus and minus of both. Hence, may help in better decision making.

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