SAP Switch Framework is a multi client capable framework which simplifies the ABAP based System landscape. Switch Framework helps in controlling the visibility of Repository Objects using switches.

With the help of SAP Switch Framework, all industry solutions can be delivered in one system in an inactive state.  Customer then can switch on one of the industry solutions according to their requirement. As remaining inactive solutions are not compiled, it is as if in the system only one solution is available. So the performance of the individual industry solutions at runtime is the same as if inactive solutions or switched off repository objects do not exist. So system will have fewer loads.

Repository objects of a system used to be active in every client. Repository objects are objects which developer has to develop in SAP system or provided by SAP e.g. tables, programs, function modules, transactions etc. With the help of switch framework, you can control which Repository objects are active at runtime. Objects which are not activated are not compiled, so at runtime it is as if they do not exist.

If the repository objects of basic components are changed by adding add-on 1 and add-on 2, you can set the switches so that only desired code is compiled and made available i.e. either basic component without add-on or basic component with add-on 1, or basic component with add-on 2. So this way you can make any version active which is according to your requirement.

Business Function Set: A business function set is the main component of the Switch Framework. It represents an industry solution that you customize from existing solutions in the SAP system.

Business Function: A business function is a set of switches.

Switch: A switch is a repository object whose state is determined as ON/OFF or STANDBY. You use a switch to control the behavior of the objects assigned to it.

For further information on how to create SWITCH step by step, refer our blog Switch Framework in SAP.

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By Sreedhar Babu (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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