5 Steps Towards SAP HANA Migrations

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There is probably high consensus over the fact that SAP technologies has not only re-defined modern global businesses but also have strengthened their internal functioning process in exponential ways. However, what many a times business organizations fail to take under notice is that any sustainable growth is possible to an organization only when there is the constant urge and change to betterment.

SAP HANA is that trailblazing technology need that streamlines all inherent functions creating an augmented quality of business services today!

The major benefits of a SAP Migration on your company:

Perhaps the major USP of SAP HANA way of business process is its excellent potency of integration; all under one platform.

Higher flex and precision of big data.

  • Real-time Analytic Capability.
  • Scalable solutions.
  • Flexibility.
  • Versatility.

The 5 step migration towards SAP HANA:

The yield of a successful implementation of SAP HANA is boundless.

  • Size up your HANA landscape

In order to make the most effective use of your monetary investment, assessing your HANA landscape size is essential pre-requisite. In the long run it benefits you with memory sizing, disk sizing and CPU sizing.

  • Choose the right platform and migration strategy

Choosing the right platform is mandatory to meet your n=budget and business needs and perhaps is the base of your whole HANA launching process. It gives you leverage to increase flexibility, scalability and faster time to value.

  • Clean your data

Data cleansing is perhaps the most overlooked areas of HANA migration process and also the most potential area where it can strengthen the whole system. Cleaning data gives you additional advantage of reduction of data footprint, business downtime, and improves performance of HANA.

  • Deploy high implementation standards

While you run a technical migration project, it is extremely important that you don’t compromise on your quality. Be methodical and cover all activities required by the process.

  • Proofread your concept

Before you begin with your original platform a validation of the whole process is an essential pre-requisite to trace out any faults.

At Apprisia, our specialist SAP BASIS Consultant follows an extensively conducive and overall service approach of SAP needs of our clients.

Some of the major domains of our services are as follows:

  • End-to-end SAP HANA support
  • Heterogeneous system migrations
  • Optimizing current SAP environment for migrations
  • Post-migration optimization
  • System cut-over ad roll-out management plus and post-launch SAP support

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Tilaksingh Bayas

SAP BASIS Consultant