Faster and Efficient Servers with Apprisia’s SAP BASIS Services

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With innovations and developments, new apps, programs and software designed to enhance business effectiveness keep competing for our limited resources. While these innovations are designed to help maintain the profit margin, it also comes with at a cost. Apart from the cost of acquiring these apps, which is usually calculated and accepted before purchase, there is also the unintended cost. These include cost of storage on Production SAP servers and cost of Basis Support.

For instance, a client running SAP ECC6.0 EHP7 on a Windows machine with MS-SQL Database incrementally requires more storage space as database increases. Failure to do this usually results in processing bottlenecks and delays in completing scheduled tasks for the day. A medium level SAP Basis personnel without knowledge of sap basis consulting recommended acquiring more storage space but this comes at a huge cost.

Apprisia SAP Basis Consulting team dealing with SAP BASIS Services analyzed the issue on SAP System, determined the root cause and recommended archiving option provided by SAP itself and archiving SAP tables and Objects. The results as can be seen from the POC (Proof of Concept) and a few archived tables are positive with 10 GB space saved from the server.

The customer was very satisfied with this option, as they were able to save lots of storage space on the server, saving huge amount that originally would have been spent on buying more storage. Finally, the server became more efficient as it responded faster and quicker to queries, and executed each transaction with greater speed. All these were possible because of the reduced database obtained from archiving tables and objects.

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Tilaksingh Bayas

SAP BASIS Consultant