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How to cost efficiently do SAP BASIS Support

Are you falling behind in fulfilling client SAP Basis commitments? Does your organization’s SAP Basis Support area seem disorderly?

SAP Basis Support is one realm where many companies foray into especially during their early days. Unlike SAP HANA and other specialist services, SAP Basis Support is more competitive in terms of services, consultants and time frame. No wonder margins are shrinking by the day. Companies are ever looking to find new ways to lower overhead costs.

For those of you looking to increase efficiency in SAP Basis Support, you need to make fundamental changes in the business model. Let’s take a look at some such changes.

Employee Initial Training Workshop
Initial induction makes a crucial difference. Experienced consultants are a little averse to the changes but new employees adapt better to the changing dynamics. So, introduce new people to SAP systems with a focus on lowering costs. However, intensive training on SAP should not be compromised in order to achieve cost savings. Alternatives to basic SAP solutions should be explored and inducted into the initial training.

Continued Education and Hands-On Learning
Hands-on experience always allows employees to learn new techniques from practical installations. Continued education ensures that latest developments in the SAP realm are well integrated into the service standards in your organization. Everyone learns differently but certain information processing methods help in each case.

On-Screen Guidance Technology
Verbal communication often leads to errors. In SAP support, on-screen guidance is taking over. Live engagement through online guidance yields excellent results. Make use of SAP’s advanced functionalities to deliver a live experience to your clients. You can navigate and deliver solutions in real time through step-by-step guidance. This leads to time savings which in turn delivers cost savings.

On screen guidance is particularly effective for in-house processes as well. For example, it lowers the training program length, new employees are trained faster, error prone processes are refined etc. Moreover, staff required to train is also much less since the process is automated.

Optimizing Environment before Upgrade
SAP updates should not be performed until the current processes is well optimized. Migrating to an updated platform may require new processes and resources. Do review the ROI impact on your processes when it comes to upgrades. Wasting enterprise funds without prior optimization can lead to procedural lapses. Whether it is high-speed MRP or real-time access to ERP data, optimization is the key. Follow the same approach for the clients as well. Do not recommend upgrade until you are sure the current processes are well in-line with the upcoming changes.

SAP Basis Support forms the backbone of the SAP industry in general. It reflects a company’s credentials in terms of outsourcing support. If you wish to improve your prowess in SAP Basis Support, consider constant process optimization a standard in your services.

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By Abhishek Khandelwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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