Is Opting SAP Cloud Managed Services Right for Your Enterprise?

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Are SAP cloud managed services right for businesses? Well, that’s not a big question for any SAP manager across the globe. Thanks to the advancements in technology over the last decade, the question “To cloud or not to cloud?” has changed its form to the “How much to the cloud and when?” The primary reason for this switch is SAP cloud hosting, and even AWS SAP managed services have some extra benefits over the SAP on-premise version. Let us see how.

To avail SAP cloud managed services or public clouds such as AWS SAP managed services, many SAP cloud hosting providers strive hard to bring their tools, experience, and capabilities to migrate your enterprise’s existing ERP solution to the cloud. To explain their SAP cloud managed services in a nutshell, here’s what comprises of their SAP cloud hosting process:

  • Precise planning which includes assessment, strategy, and roadmap
  • Seamless and efficient cloud migration
  • Continuous monitoring and effortless management of newly-established SAP cloud environment

The above-mentioned benefits are self-explanatory, which tells us that opting for SAP cloud managed services could be the right decision for your enterprise. So, let us understand the hierarchy of SAP cloud managed services, or SAP cloud hosting in detail.

To manage your ERP system on public cloud, you need robust services such as AWS SAP managed services, which your enterprise can run on its own. If that’s not possible for you, then you may hire a promising SAP cloud hosting provider, who will host your SAP landscape on its private cloud infrastructure. If you even want to go up, then try the hierarchy of managed services. Whether SAP cloud hosting will prove to be the right choice for you or not, that will be decided by your future vision of SAP functioning in your business. Most probably, if you own a business that seeks an exponential growth in the forecast future period, then SAP cloud managed services are the perfect match for your enterprise!

Once you hit the bull’s eye and decide that your enterprise requires SAP cloud migration, then you must finalize which SAP cloud managed service provider you want to go for? Frankly speaking, there is no “One-Size-Fits-All” answer to this question. To be specific, one must consider the financial aspect while choosing the right platform. AWS SAP managed services, or Microsoft Azure could be the right fit for your enterprise depending upon your set of customized requirements. These cloud-based ERP solutions will maintain, update, and secure your SAP infrastructure along with the assurance of performance level at work.

Well, if you’re still in the dilemma of choosing the SAP cloud managed services or not, then here’s a pivotal point to consider. With SAP cloud managed services, one need not be worried or concerned about the multiple commercial relationships and responsibilities such as SAP licensing, its maintenance, technical support, and hosting. The managed service provider will do it all for your enterprise. Also, some SAP cloud hosting providers offer SAP ERP solutions on a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) basis. This would be an added advantage for your enterprise if you opt for SAP cloud managed services.