Need for Robust SAP Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Strategy

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A disaster recovery strategy (DR) is mainly taken into account and implied by various companies to regain lost data after any disastrous situation. Most companies indicate DR strategies to recover their lost data, ensuring data recovery and data protection. DR plans focus on setting up procedures and policies to recover/ensure data and information after any disaster. This disaster can be an external attack, sudden business disruptions, or any natural disaster.

Why is Disaster Recovery Strategy implied?

Less than 10% of the corporations seem to regain access to their data without a DR strategy. However, this article aims at focusing on the benefits of implying a robust cloud-based disaster recovery strategy as a beneficial tool.

A recent study conducted by the University of Oregon shows the good percentage that happens to occur with SAP Cloud DR and SAP AWS Strategy. The research shows every dollar that is spent on hazard mitigation ends up bringing thousands of dollars to the companies.

Steps of implying Robust SAP Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Strategy:

  • The first and foremost step of implying a robust SAP cloud-based recovery strategy is to set RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective). These are the significant steps that companies should consider as long as implying DR for SAP applications is concerned. The main aim of RPO is to work as a backup of the data to measure the amount of lost data, and the RTO refers to an acceptable amount of time.
  • The DR plan is to be planned efficiently, ensuring data recovery (IT infrastructure) that runs SAP business functions.
  • Capacity planning is also very crucial as far as data recovery is concerned. Ensuring there is enough space and capacity to transport emergency SAP changes is very important.

Benefits of implying Robust SAP Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Strategy:

  • Simplicity: The entire SAP Cloud DR process is relatively simple to manage. The cloud is very flexible as far as DR is concerned; hence, the company‚Äôs whole process becomes manageable. No significant issues seem to occur during the entire process, which makes it even easier to imply.

  • Reliability: It gives you a reliable backup and restoration of your data without many substantial technical issues. This very fact has made it one of the most reliable DR methods.

  • Customizability: The process varies from each company to the other. Companies have the freedom to choose what kind of cloud-based DR they want to imply to ensure the data privacy of their system.

Considering the current rate at which digital advancements have been taking place lately, one can easily imagine the vast rage following which cyber-attacks and other external attacks take place that ends up corrupting and stealing data and sensitive information of individual IT companies. One of the significant ways to recover and regain access to the lost data is to imply SAP cloud-based disaster recovery strategy because it not only seems to be convenient but also makes the whole process much easier for the companies to handle.