Many global industries have started thinking of innovative ideas of effective utilization of the costs incurred in the various resources. When it comes to SAP Cloud Strategy or SAP AWS Strategy, the concept has provided much food for thought and stimulated a raft of insightful information for industry owners and stakeholders as they were more interested in knowing the cost-cuttings involved in shifting the On-premises SAP infrastructure to the Cloud.

Earlier, it was a much difficult task to convince the leadership to migrate to Cloud. Thanks to the “Work-From-Anywhere” (WFA) culture evolved over a period of time because the true benefits of running the entire SAP workload on Cloud systems were realized due to this culture.

Many giants across the globe have already performed the long-term cost-benefit analysis of migrating to SAP Cloud Strategy or SAP AWS Strategy. Here are some of the key points everyone should know about, before incorporating the SAP Cloud Strategy in the organization.

  • SAP Cloud migration need not be necessarily costly all the time. Typically, when acted wisely, the process could be cost-neutral or nearly cost-neutral.
  • If you don’t find this migration process cost-effective in the initial phase, then you must wait for the first few quarters of the financial year. You will see the financial benefits in the company’s cost sheets within a year.
  • The SAP Cloud strategy or SAP AWS Strategy easily allows you to quantify the cost savings and other benefits involved in the migration process. The documentation and monitoring of each process are also easily achievable in the cloud strategy. This makes the SAP Cloud strategy ultra-unique in almost all the business aspects.

Let us now delve into the key benefits of SAP Cloud or AWS Strategy:

Architect SAP for Cloud or AWS:

Lifting & Shifting has been observed as the simplest and most commonly used migration strategy across the globe. SAP Cloud or AWS strategy works on the same principle. However, rightsizing the SAP system before migration is of utmost importance in this case.

Here are some smart tips for rightsizing the SAP system for Cloud or AWS

  • Scheduling the system for peak workloads only when it is really needed
  • Execution of a well-versed SAP architecture requirement review based on Early Watch data
  • Reviewing your storage strategies and ensure to select the most cost-effective AWS to compute & storage solution in the Cloud system

The above-mentioned three factors have a large and long-lasting impact on the running and operating of the SAP Cloud Strategy or SAP AWS Strategy in your organization.

Business continuity:

SAP Cloud or AWS platform is highly durable and promising as far as business continuity is concerned. Being a massively diverse platform, SAP Cloud or AWS allows high resiliency to be achieved within traditional hosting models. Also, the Cloud or AWS platforms are very low-demanding, hence less cost is incurred in these platforms as compared to the traditional operating models.

Landscape optimization:

In the SAP Cloud Strategy or SAP AWS Strategy, the only infrastructure you must consider is a huge no. of lines of codes! Unlike traditional on-premises SAP infra & working models, maintenance of extensive non-production systems such as training, sandbox, or multiple project tracks is completely excluded in the Cloud set-up. This makes building systems on-demand possible saving huge costs as compared to the traditional on-premises operating models.

Adoption of Automation:

This is probably the most important and at the same time very much long-lasting effect all the industries experience because of the SAP Cloud Strategy or SAP AWS Strategy. Automation saves you huge money and a lot of time. This is mainly possible in Cloud or AWS platforms rather than traditional ones.

Here is the additional bonus point related to the Automation process. The Automation process makes you achieve zero (practically, one in a million!) errors in the processes you perform. This yields to significant cost benefits in the upcoming consecutive years. So, the saved resources (time, manpower) can be smartly used in other significant tasks making you more financial profits and prosperity ahead.

This way, you can avail yourself more & more benefits in all business aspects with the incorporation of SAP Cloud Strategy or SAP AWS Strategy.