The SAP Industry after the COVID-19 Pandemic

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2020 has been the worst year so far for most of us, irrespective of our age, gender, religions, ethnicity, and even professions. None of us has a clear idea about how long this global crisis will keep on adversely affecting us. But one thing is sure; this situation is going to change the way we work forever. The SAP industry is also not an exception to this, and profound effects upon the operations and configuration of SAP solutions will surely be seen in the forecast period.

The question may arise in everyone’s mind that what will be the “New Normal” for the SAP industry once the COVID-19 pandemic is over? Will the SAP cloud migration and SAP AWS migration take place the same way again? Inevitably, many organizations across the globe have adapted short term modifications for their businesses, and eventually, such organizations will win long term race. Below are some of the key terminologies, which will give a clearer picture of the post-COVID-19 world along with its impact on the global SAP industry.

The virtual office
COVID-19 outbreak has compelled us to reimagine the workplace. Needless to say, WFH (work from home) will become more common than ever. Virtual workspaces will require innovative SAP ERP integration methodologies. SAP cloud migration, SAP AWS migration, and overall SAP solutions will need pathbreaking work to be done to cater to all the needs in the new era.

Reimagining the supply chain
The supply chain is one of the biggest domain that is hit by the COVID-19 outbreak. The adverse effects in this domain are so high due to the inevitable global downturn in all kinds of industries. Cost controls will have to be done uniformly across the globe in this domain. Various SAP solutions could be effectively utilized in the standardization of monetary compliances of supply chain domains across the globe.

In the current scenario of remote working, reducing manual intervention in the processes is recommended and delivers guaranteed excellence! SAP cloud migration and SAP AWS migration can help organizations in reducing manual handling of data processing with options such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). The EDI SAP solutions have been integrated into the industry for a long time; however, these are highly evolved in the current lockdown period, and the scene will be persistent in the future forecast period as well.

Well, without a dedicated, talented, and result-oriented workforce, no organization can survive during, and even after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. “SAP Fieldglass” is the ideal SAP solution to manage your taskforce smartly. If you haven’t used this product yet, then post-COVID-19 tenure is the perfect period for you to try integrating the same via SAP cloud migration or SAP AWS migration.

E-learning/Online training
If you’re worried about how you will arrange training sessions for your in-house or on-field employees hereafter, then the SAP industry has brought good news for you too!
Post-COVID-19 pandemic, E-learning (aka online training) is the ideal option for your organization to train its employees globally. “SAP Enable Now” is the SAP solution, which will allow you to record a training session in the form of simulations in test mode, demo mode, and read-only mode, etc. The product “SAP Enable Now” comes with affordable subscriptions for organizations and supports cloud and on-premise versions.

This way, post-COVID-19 time is surely optimistic for you if you choose the right SAP solution for your organization via SAP cloud migration or AWS SAP migration. So, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the SAP Industry is all set to witness good growth in the post-COVID-19 forecast period.