Top Reasons We Feel SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is a Must to Manage Your SAP Landscape

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Change is the only thing that is constant and in the IT world, changes occur per second per minute, unlike in other spheres of human endeavors. To be on top of your game, you need to be well positioned to respond to the ever-changing business environment and this means using the right SAP BASIS Support. This is introducing the new SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the complete solution for all your business IT needs. Here are the 5 top most reasons why you should immediately deploy this innovative solution to your business.

Firstly SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is backward compatible and highly integrated with all existing enterprise solutions, and this includes all non-SAP software. This ensures continuity, innovative solutions and efficient operations be it on the premise, hybrid or even cloud-based applications, the entire lifecycle of your business applications are thoroughly covered.

Secondly, it brings simplification to the overall IT needs of the business. New user experience with Launchpad’s, FIORI apps and revamped UI’s; the easier modeling means more reach to the business with a graphical environment for modeling and documentation with more layers for complex processes. These extended functionalities facilitate project planning and implementation. It also comes with a gateway to greater SAP HANA adoption, and it facilitates migration to SAP S/4 HANA.

Thirdly and most importantly, Apprisia SAP Basis Consulting provides SAP Solution Manager 7.2 at no additional cost to the customer, since it is the first release that leverages the SAP HANA database, it does not require a separate license as the cost is included in the maintenance contract. Therefore, Governance, documentation and technical integration between the premise and cloud are seamlessly integrated, no need for 2 different tools. The Dashboards that provides 2 frameworks to create and display powerful Dashboards for the IT and business, also includes a Dashboard builder.

Furthermore, its Change Management, that is the management of delivery cycles ensures decrease in production transport errors and decrease in delivery delays between development and production. Its Test Management ensures improvement in coverage of non-regression testing and decrease in production regressions. It also provides better Monitoring which leads to decrease in delays of technical incidents to Operations Management (administration and supervision).

Finally, when you deploy with our SAP BASIS Support, further benefits include improvement in project team’s productivity and SAP maintenance; manual tasks automation; removal of unnecessary tasks; increased capacity without increased team size; increased efficiency of development processes and SAP testing; reduced correction tasks and decrease in delays. These benefits which the customer can evaluate and use to build a business care are not available with other sap basis consulting. However most importantly, SAP BASIS Support for SAP Solution Manager will be supported until the end of 2025, so there is no need to worry over non-support, or if future software will be compatible. Give your business the leap it needs today, get SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

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