What does a SAP BASIS Consultant do?

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What does a SAP BASIS Consultant do?

Who is a SAP BASIS Consultant?

SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integrated Solution) is the underlying system software that forms the foundation for SAP applications. It includes components such as the application server, database, operating system, and network architecture. 

An SAP BASIS consultant is a professional who specializes in the technical support and maintenance of SAP systems. 

What do SAP BASIS consultants do?

Basis consultants are knowledgeable and skilled in working with different OS’s and databases. They can do the installation, maintenance and support for the underlying hardware and software as well.

They work with companies to help them find software that meets their unique needs with other duties including gathering feedback and configuring systems.

They also provide troubleshooting and technical support services related to business needs and may create user guides or other support materials and documentation.

Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities of SAP BASIS Consultant

The primary responsibility of an SAP BASIS consultant is to ensure the smooth functioning and optimal performance of SAP systems. They are involved in various tasks, including system installation and configuration, system monitoring, user administration, transport management, system upgrades and patches, performance tuning, and security management. 

SAP BASIS administrators or consultants are skillful in the technical aspects of SAP systems and have expertise in areas such as system landscape design, system administration, and troubleshooting. They also work closely with other functional consultants and technical teams to support the implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of SAP solutions. 

In addition to technical skills, BASIS consultants possess good analytical and problem-solving abilities, as they are often required to diagnose and resolve complex system issues. They stay updated with the latest SAP technologies and best practices to ensure the efficient operation of SAP systems.

How do they serve the clients and companies?

SAP BASIS consultants serve their clients and companies by providing expertise and support in managing and maintaining their SAP systems. 


  1. System Installation and Configuration: help clients with the initial installation and configuration of SAP systems. Ensuring the system is set up correctly and aligned with the client’s specific requirements. 
  2. System Upgrades and Patches: manage regular updates, upgrades, and patches to improve system functionality and security. BASIS consultants assist clients in planning and executing these upgrades, ensuring minimal disruption to the business processes. 
  3. System Monitoring and Performance Tuning: monitor the health and performance of SAP systems using various tools to identify and resolve system issues, optimize system resources, and enhance overall system performance.
  4. User Administration and Security: manage user access to SAP systems, including creating user accounts, assigning roles and authorizations, and implementing security measures. They ensure that sensitive data is protected and only accessible to authorized users. 
  5. Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution: When system issues arise, BASIS consultants analyse and diagnose the root causes and provide solutions to resolve them. They work closely with technical teams and SAP support to address complex issues efficiently. 
  6. Networking and Interfacing – Basis consultant also helps in working closely with the Networking team to establish connectivity with different third-party systems & Interfaces to enable data exchange between SAP and the Interface.

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