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SAP Business Objects is a Business intelligence platform, capable of integrating information and people at one place in enterprise environment.

SAP BO provides reporting, analysis and querying capabilities while connecting to various data provider systems like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft etc. SAP BO streamlines all information at one common place while integrating people with enhanced end user experience.

Business Objects was an independent company and acquired by SAP in 2007 to leverage its business intelligence capabilities. It is known as SAP Business Objects which delivers SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.0 version for customers.

SAP BO provides various presentation layer tools in SAP Business Portfolio to address customers all kind to reporting, analysis and data query related needs. I will discuss about these tools in my next blog.

SAP Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) XI Architecture
SAP BOE is multi-tier architecture, consists of five tiers as:

  • Client tier in SAP BO is the only tier that consist applications which interact with end user for administration, publishing and viewing of reports and other objects. E.g. Applications like Info View, Central Management Console (CMC), Central Configuration Management (CCM), Publishing Wizard etc.
  • Application tier is the tier that hosts server side components to handle user requests from Client tier and pass to Intelligence tier of underlying system for processing. Application tier components are composed of Application server and Business Objects Enterprise SDK, Web Component Adapter (WCA).
  • Intelligence tier is heart of Business Objects Enterprise system. It handles user requests, navigates them to appropriate server, maintain security information, audit information and stores report instances. BOE intelligence layer is composed of Central Management Server (CMS), Cache Server, File Repository Servers and Event Server.
  • Processing tier interacts directly with database and generates reports. Processing layer is composed of Report Job Server, Program Job Server, Web Intelligence Job Server, Web Intelligence Report Server, Report Application Server (RAS), Destination Job Server and Page Server.
  • Data tier is made up of databases that feed data used for reports.

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By Shantanu Deshpande. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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