The Manifold Benefits of SAP Business Objects

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It does not require much effort to make a corporate official aware of the volatility and uncertainty that any enterprise needs to face in terms of economy throughout its existence. Combating this major concern, comes SAP Business Intelligence (BI) that not only enables you to have greater control of the situation with clearer real-time data but also effects both the internal and external working process of the company on a positive note.

SAP Business Objects Reporting is a business intelligence platform having the potential to integrate information and human resource all at one place in an enterprise landscape.

Why does your enterprise need SAP Business Objects Reporting (BO):

The Business Objects reporting solutions is a one-stop destination for all enterprises to boost their return on investment(ROI) and process efficiency at scale. Following are some of the functionalities that it renders:

  • Reporting and analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Data exploration
  • Mobile
  • BI platform

The different tools of Business Objects Reporting:

SAP Business Objects (BO) Reporting caters to render solutions that are intrinsic in nature. Thus, to achieve so, it has crafted tools especially engineered to meet up works keeping the domain and nature of the work.

These are the most prominent SAP Reporting Tools that may interest your enterprise:

Crystal Reports: One of the most important SAP Reporting Tools, the crystal reports are one of the most dense, pixel-perfect and feature-rich, fully integrated to web or windows report system.

Web Intelligence: Popularly known as WebI, the web intelligence is a powerful tool that performs seamless analysis for ad-hoc reporting.

Desktop Intelligence: DeskI or desktop analysis is yet another another powerful analysis and reporting specially engineered to work upon when offline reporting is required. Having the base in client-server architecture, the business Objects encourage using more WebI.

WebI Rich Client: SAP has extended its service boundaries transforming the best of all into one end product, WebI rich client. This tool enables the user to access all the functionalities of the DeskI in the WebI.

Interactive Analysis: This tool is a subset of the web intelligence version. It is customized for those who do not require the whole BOE implementation for the ad-hoc query and analysis capabilities. However that is not the only function that it takes care off. You can also use it for fetching standalone universes based on your specific requirements.

Dashboard Design: Formerly known as Xcelsius is a graphical visualization tool. It is an undoubted boost to creating highly rich interactive presentation.
Universe: This tool renders a Symantec layer to the no-technical users to access business data. It presents complicated business data all simplified in the form of a database.

Infoview: This is a web interface system where business user is enabled to perform certain activities like accessing the reports created in different reporting tools, report scheduling and managing, modifying objects, setting Infoview preferences, browsing the report documents in the browser and exporting documents in excel.

Live Office: It is a software that integrates business intelligence with MS office environment. It enables business users to access live data updates in various forms like powerpoint, excel, word documents etc.

Business Objects Explorer: It may be clear from its name itself, that this tool is more of like a search engine that lets the user to look up for relevant data related to their business with the help of keywords.

QaaWS: This tool is made to meet up requirements of a business from the clients’ end. It enables the clients to create and publish web service over the web.

Reasons why you should consider a migration from DeskI to WebI:

Having certain inhibitions to consider migration is very obvious. Thus, to make it an easy decision we give you some solid reasons why?

  • Lack of support for DeskI in SAP
  • Amplified and strengthened webI and interactive analysis
  • Integration of best of all in one: web services in interactive analysis, online, offline and standalone connection mode options.
  • Cost reduction. Both the tools are potent enough to serve your requirements. Thus, installation of any one is enough for best processing.
  • Enables local and enterprise repository saving of projects by end users.
  • Enables auditing options of converted reports.

How to migrate?

Migrating from DeskI to WebI can be easily done through the interface of a powerful tool, the report conversion tool. Finally, it goes on to retrieve he reports from the Central management server.

Apprisia takes care to serve each of the services to maximize the productivity and optimize use of the tools and software.

Some of the services and products we cater to our clientele body are:

  • SAP BO INTELLIGENCE (WEBI): Providing comprehensive and end-to-end solutions, our experts take care to give an extensive analytic insight to our consumers irrespective of their landscape.
  • Enhancements like development, support enhancements, etc.
  • Development services like webI and development, queries and sub queries.

Start your SAP BO journey today!

Need Help:

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