Whenever there is goods movement i.e. goods receipt, goods issue or goods transfer etc. the accounting/ financial documents are updated automatically. This automatic update happens as a result of automatic accounting configuration done in SPRO. For the materials having material master we determine the valuation class in accounting 1 tab.1display-material-sap

Here the valuation class is the bridge which updates all the financial documents automatically with goods movements. We assign the required G/L to the valuation class which is automatically updated.

In case of material procurement, when a material with material master is to be purchased, the G/L assigned to the valuation class is automatically populated in the PO.

But in any industry many items do not have material master e.g. Consumable items. Here system cannot determine the G/L automatically as no valuation class maintained.

It is mandatory to maintain G/L and cost center manually in PO.

Consumable materials are procured using account assignment K(cost center).

We will discuss how to populate G/L and cost center automatically in purchase order for the materials procured using K account assignment category and not having material master. It is possible with the help of material group.

Material group is a group of materials having same attributes like rubber, glass, metal etc.

We will create a new material group which will be used to procure materials with K account assignment category.

 Step 1) Create material group

 Path: SPRO –> IMG –> Logistics-General –> Material Master –> Settings for Key Field –> Define Material groups


Step 2) Create new valuation class

We will be creating a new valuation class for this purpose which will be assigned to the material group.

Transaction code to create valuation class – OMSK


Step 3) Assign this valuation class to the material group

 Path: SPRO –> IMG –> Purchasing –> Material Master –> Entry Aid for Items without Material Master


Step 4) Check and maintain cost center as mandatory

 Transaction code – OME9


And go to details tab


Here check the Acct modification, activate Derive Acct. Assignment and make sure that cost center field is a mandatory field.

Step 5) Maintain G/L for valuation class

Transaction code – OBYC

Here maintain the valuation class in GBB – VBR 1111 along with G/L.

In our case we maintained the G/L as 400000.


Below is a purchase order which is created before configuration settings.



In above purchase order, system is asking for a G/L to be entered manually as it’s unable to pull the G/L automatically due to missing material master.

Now we will create a new purchase order after configuration


We can see that the G/L 400000 and cost center 1000 automatically populated at item level in Account Assignment tab for K account assignment category.

Thus we can populate the G/L and cost center automatically for items not having material master.

This will facilitate user to create purchase orders with account assignment very easily as there is no need to remember the cost center and G/L.


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