How To Conduct BSI TaxFactory Installation And SAP HR Integration – Steps And Key Concepts

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How To Conduct BSI TaxFactory Installation And SAP HR Integration – Steps And Key Concepts

BSI TaxFactory is a payroll processing and tax calculation third party software that is extensively used for payroll tax calculations in the US and Canada. For our SAP customers, we have installed and configured BSI TaxFactory software for integration with SAP HR Payroll.

In this blog, we provide a high level overview of the installation steps for installing BSI and SAP HR configuration.

Installation Steps:

Here are the major steps for BSI TaxFactory installation, and the corresponding SAP HR configurations:

  • SAP HR update for the required SP level (support package level)
  • Install the TaxFactory Client GUI
  • Install Microsoft SQLServer database. Create user, schema with appropriate authorizations
  • Create the TaxFactory database. Create the appropriate tables and database objects.
  • Install ODBC driver for the MSSQL server database
  • Create new datasets in TaxFactory for each SAP HR client
  • Load initial Tax data into the TaxFactory database. This is conducted through the TaxFactory Client GUI.
  • Load cyclic data file into TaxFactory database
  • Load the state-related tax data into the TaxFactory database
  • Conduct the SAP-BSI tax codes mapping
  • Install the TaxFactory Server.
  • Apply the BSI License to the TaxFactory server.
  • Install SAP Gateway on the TaxFactory server machine.
  • Connect the SAP HR instance to the TaxFactory server (through RFC connection)
  • Test the connectivity between SAP HR and TaxFactory (through specified SAP transactions)
  • Specify TaxFactory version
  • Apply the TUBS to the SAP HR system corresponding to the required TUBS level to match the TaxFactory Tax data version.
  • Apply regulatory bulletins to TaxFactory database.

Please contact us for BSI installation and SAP HR Payroll configuration for the US/Canada payroll integration with BSI TaxFactory.

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By Pradipta Baral. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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