Apply These Techniques To Customize Line Item Status In Sales Order

Header-Design Augmentation

Sales order>Delivery>Billing is the normal SAP Sales cycle. If the sales order is having multiple line items, there is possibility of partial Delivery and Billing for some line items of that order.

Reason for Inconsistent Status

Sales order header status tab shows the overall Status of the Order process. In this case, the Status seen in Header tab is “Incomplete” (Being processed), even though billing is done for some line items. Please refer below screen shot.



The status shown at header level is not accurate. The status is not in line with the SO item, and status for each item can be different. For this purpose, we did an enhancement to show the Status for each item at Item level in sales order.

Line item will therefore show the Actual stage the Material is in: viz. 1.Order confirmation (Confirmed qty) or 2.Delivery partially (Shipped Partially) or 3.Post goods issue (Shipped Completed) or 4. Confirmed ( Post goods issue not completed) or at 5.Billing (Closed) level.


Consider Sales order having 5 line items. If we observe below screen shot, out of five line items 5th line item has no confirmed quantity.

In SAP standard system behavior, the Overall Status for the item is Open, which is right but doesn’t give a clear idea on the process. Actually 5th line item has no confirm quantity which should be shown to the user and is more meaningful.

For this we enhanced the functionality by adding a customized column and showing the each line item status.

Please refer the screen shot below:


Details about each line item are explained below:

1st line item has Delivery Completed


1st Line item Status at Sales Order (Check the customized status -> highlighted)


2nd Line item Delivery completed with partial quantity 2.5 kg out of 5 kg in sales order


2ndst Line item Status at Sales Order


3rd line item completed with Billing


3rd Line item status at Sales order level

4th Line item quantity confirmed not at deliver.




4th line item status at sales order level


5th Line item quantity not confirmed at sales order level

5th Line item status at sales order level


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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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