How Performance optimization can improve the efficiency of Business

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 minor uptick in the manufacturing output, a repackaged product or machine-level improvements can enhance a company’s growth prospects. To truly ignite an organization’s growth, performance optimization is the key. And SAP Basis Support is crucial in making such breakthroughs. Business managers are always looking for that edge to drive the growth forward. Reliable improvements through innovative solutions are vital here.

Systematic Approach to Performance Optimization

In order to truly achieve a holistic performance bordering on high growth, managers need to analyze the ongoing processes. Redesigning and optimizing processes with a view to cut operating time helps make minor changes swing to larger gains. Small changes are likely to affect ‘back-office’ administrative, manufacturing algorithms, reporting process etc.

Identifying and Setting Goals

Performance optimization begins with clear goals that support the foundation of the company’s future potential. Goal can be set through industry research, competitive analysis, product reviews etc. Any specific progress in product optimization helps set new goals. SAP support services can be ideal to set technical process-based goals.

Organizational Strategy/Design

In order to transform a company, you need an operation model for the strategy. This streamlines the responsibilities. Human resources are essential part of performance optimization. Therefore, smarter policies should be crafted to improve work efficiency.

Shared Services

Not all processes are in-house. Some processes are outsourced. SAP Basis support is one such example where teams operate outside an organization. So, its vital that the right choices are made during the selection phase. Also, internal support services must be optimized to match the consistency and efficiency of outsourced services. Improved performance not only leads to profits but also better customer experience. For example, real time process management through SAP Basis support helps improve process efficiency.

Change Management

An inevitable part of performance optimization is change management. It is vital that top leadership of the organization manages and enables the change smoothly. The journey to new processes and systems must be streamlined using training and guidance. Sustainable results stem from employee retention even through rigorous change management.

Project Issue Management

What makes a good project management? It is the ability to discover, assign, review and improve the various issues. Additionally, appropriate issue resolving mechanism should be in place to solve the crucial problems. Communication of issue status throughout the company helps handle the project better.

Technology Enablement

Not all changes come via technology route. But major changes are a direct result of technology transfers. An organization’s ability to implement the right solutions in the appropriate departments enables them to take lead over competitors.

Executing the Implementation

Performance optimization requires you to stay on course whether it is resources, processes, systems or technical hurdles. A dedicated plan that includes compensation for bottlenecks ensures smooth implementation. Project managers must be given suitable freedom to get the changes done on ground level. Cost tracking must be undertaken simultaneously to check expenditures of performance optimization.

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By Mitesh Gaikwad (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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