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How SAP Support Services Can Reduce Time & Efforts Of Your Purchase Cycle?

How SAP Support Services Can Reduce Time & Efforts Of Your Purchase Cycle

In most multi-departmental organizations, running SAP Support, SAP MM, and SAP FICO, the acquisition of materials, stocks or other resources usually starts with the preparation of a purchase requisition.

Usually, when the purchase order gets to the desk of purchases manager or the officer in charge of making purchases, the officer has to sign-off on the purchase order for the goods, materials or whatever it is to be supplied to the requisitioning department.  This process may seem quite simple, but in very large organizations, it is indeed a lengthy process,  and for organizations to be at the peak of their game, they need to respond to changing circumstances faster than their competitors.

Organizations using SAP support, SAP MM, and SAP FICO usually configure their operations in such a way that the purchases manager needs to log in to the SAP infrastructure before an approval or a rejection of a purchase requisition can be affected.

While this is effective method designed to check wastage and repetition of orders among other things. However, when time is of the essence, the person who approve may not have access to the facilities to enable him log in  to SAP infrastructure. Apprisia’s SAP Support Services has provided a solution to overcome this time constraint issues.

Our expert consultants at Apprisia now includes an approve or reject button with the official requisitioning email. The purpose of this button is to enable the approver to approve or reject the order directly from his email, without the need to log in to SAP infrastructure.

In business, time is money, this solution definitely saves the organization a lot of time, because the person who approves no longer logs in to SAP to approve or reject;  action can be taken at any time and from anywhere with internet connections, including mobile devices; and finally, the email attachment allows the approver to verify requisition without logging in to SAP. Organizations spend resources to run Sap Support, SAP MM and SAP FICO therefore, this solution will greatly improve their operations.

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