How to resolve SAP Fiori working issues with Apprisia’s SAP support services?

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SAP Fiori working issues with Apprisia’s SAP support services

Apprisia is one of the leading global service provider for SAP BASIS support services which take care without a shadow of doubt we all will agree that SAP system has made the business handling much comprehensive and convenient. But it is often found that users deal with various software issues which are hard to rectify on their own.

One of our client recently brought our attention to a serious issue which he faced after implementing the SAP Fiori as the JAVA stack stopped functioning on his existing system after the implementation.

To rectify this problem the client decided to do the SAP upgrade from existing system to SAP ECC6.0 EHP7. The updated version has a prerequisite according to which they have to remove either the java stack or split dual stack in to ABAP stack and Java Stack. Since the client was not introduced and unaware to this prerequisite, the existing SAP support system was messed up with several errors and failures that made the situation much complex.

For rescue they come to us and our team members with their expertise and proficiency performed a detailed and intrinsic analysis of their existing SAP Basis support system. After going through the complete analysis about their business requirements and upgraded version our team members advised them to remove JAVA Stack system as all their business necessities were already transferred to SAP Fiori and can be profoundly managed through it and also the dual stack split is indispensable for the upgraded EHP7 version.

This solution from Apprisia benefited the client in several ways as it not only enhanced the efficiency of their business but also curbed the unwanted and excessive load on the SAP system as well as the team.

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Tilaksingh Bayas

SAP BASIS Consultant