Learn How to Implement mid and End year appraisal process in Single Template

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Appraisal Process is the important process in any Organization. It is a personnel development tool used to evaluate the overall performance of an Employee.

An Appraisal Process enables your Organization to make formal and standardized evaluation of your Employee using one or more Appraisal Template.

In normal Appraisal Process the companies used single Appraisal Template for single process like companies have mid-year Template for mid-year Appraisal Process and end-year template for end-year Appraisal Process.

I came across a scenario where I had to merge both mid-year and end-year appraisal process in a single template.

Challenges to implement this process:
1. As we merge two appraisal processes definitely the number of column will increase but as per SAP standard we cannot use more than 18 columns in a single appraisal template. So we have to design our appraisal process so wisely to accommodate the process within 18 columns.
2. Since we have two appraisal processes in a single template, while one appraisal process is being processed another should be disabled (Read-only).

The benefits of this scenario are:
1. HR person can calculate the overall performance of an employee using the single Appraisal Document.
2. All the participants (Appraisee, Appraiser, and Reviewer) of the Appraisal document can review their mid-year and end-year inputs for the appraisal process.
3. HR person can compare mid-year and end-year appraisal process in same appraisal document.
4. It will also reduce the efforts and cost of maintaining different appraisal Template.
5. HR person will find all the information in a centralized manner which will save the HR person’s time.
6. You will get the same benefits and security as you have with single process in single template.
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