Material Creation in SAP through tcode : MM01

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In this blog we will be going through one of the processes of the Material Master which is Material Creation.

We will learn about the process and fields used for material creation.

Process for creating material :

The process of material creation is carried out through transaction MM01 in SAP.
In that process we go through different steps to create a material.

1. The first step/screen displays the fields required for material creation:

Material Number – To be entered if external number range is configured otherwise can be left blank.
Industry sector – Mandatory as it defines the industry type(ex: Mechanical,Chemical,…..).
Material Type – Mandatory as it defines the type of material to be created(ex: Spare parts, Finished Products,…..).

2. The second step/screen displays the views required for material creation(ex: Basic Data1, Purchasing, MRP,…..etc). User has to select the views as per requirement.

3. The third step/screen prompts the user to enter the plant, storage location and Distribution Channel.

4. The fourth step/screen displays all the views that has been selected by the user. User has to enter the mandatory fields present in the views to create a material.

The mandatory fields with respect to the views are :

Basic data 1-— Material description, base unit of measure(UOM) and material group.
Sales Org. 1 — Division.
MRP 1— Purchasing group, MRP Type, MRP controller and Lot size.
MRP2 — Planned delivery Time, GR Processing time and Scheduling margin key.
Plant data/Storage 1 — Storage Bin and profit center.
Accounting 1— Material Price Determination, Valuation Class, Price control, Price Unit and the price according to the type of price control.
Purchasing — Order Unit if necessary. If the UOM and Order unit are of different dimensions,then a pop-up will be displayed which prompts the user to enter the conversion rates for the units.
Example :- UOM – EA(each) which does not have any dimension
Order unit – LB(Pound) which belongs to dimension MASS.
Purchase Order Text — User can enter the PO text in this view.

After entering all the data in the respective views user has to click on ‘SAVE’ which will then generate a new material number.
We can go through the details of the created material from transaction MM03.

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