Safeguard your SAP Systems with SAP Vulnerability Management

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Security is perhaps the most vulnerable dynamics in any organisation. Risking it directly means staking the business’s future. Some of your company may already have installed a cyber-security check strategy. However, that does not already mean that you are out of danger. Today’s ever-changing cyber-space filled with new attacks every day, has made periodic assessment an essential pre-requisite to keep you safe.

SAP Security Assessment is a global pioneer rendering cutting-edge solutions to all your needs related to IT security systems.

Some reasons why?
Now when you already realize the importance of periodic security checks, let us first find out what they can readily deliver to your businesses.

  • Improved efficiency: While your security checks may be utterly comprehensive, the shifting infrastructural dimension of your business always manages to find blind spots. As a result what follows is increased vulnerability. A periodic check allows to curb down this phenomenon in turn decreasing overall loopholes.
  • Improved analysis: Timely security checks allows you keep a closer eye on your IT security functioning. It also enables you to keep a check on the recent developments of the threats to prepare your system, beforehand.
  • Risk management: Curbing down the highest potential risks, timely security assessments gives your businesses the flex that it requires to keep its data systems and servers safe from infiltration.

What is SAP Security?
Protection services of sensitive data stored in SAP data system and server via regular security checks is termed to be SAP security.

Why SAP security assessment?
Owing to a conventional security system, may consequently lead your SAP systems to a steady decline in the risk management strategy. Such leaks can cause significant damages that leave impression on the business model in the long-term.

Security concerns are mainly classified into the following domains:

  • Segregation of duties
  • Information vulnerability management
  • Source code scanning

It is here where SAP Vulnerability Assessment comes into play. The traditional network security testing tools and techniques fail to render little or no coverage to SAP systems. In contrary, SAP vulnerability scan makes efforts to understand the pattern of the system thereby making it proof from cyber-attacks.

Why SAP Audit at all?
Corporate data is critical and sensitive for any business. It is pertinent for any business to safeguard their SAP systems against security threats, be it external or internal. However, in order to take care of this issue internally potentially draws a number of risks.

  • Owners are often not well versed with the attacks and security patches which prove to be often complex during implementation, singularly.
  • Increased reliance on automated SAP systems induces a reduction in efficiency.
  • Corporate sabotages and espionage can bring sensitive information such as customer data, intellectual property, employee information, personnel data and business functions at stake.

Apprisia takes extensive care to cater to end-to-end security services to its clientele body. Our approach is extensively 360o and customized to suit the needs of our clients. Some of our best-in-class services are as follows:

  • SAP vulnerability assessment: identifying your SAP network issues and services, we trace the vulnerabilities and beyond.
  • SAP penetration testing: re-analyzing the loopholes in an extensive safe environment we examine your company’s security position.
  • SAP custom source code audit: Your current SAP system source code is validated through an open perspective.
  • SAP network security assessment: Identifying network issues and services, we trace out the major faults in your system.
  • SAP database security assessment: Your organization’s critical database functions are assessed.
  • SAP server assessment: Your server installations are put to test in comparison with industry’s best security practices.

Secure your SAP systems with Apprisia’s expert minds to make them most vulnerability proof today! Discuss your requirement with our SAP Basis experts today.


Kaushal Kishore | SAP BASIS