SAP AFS Retail: Key Capabilities

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AFS stands for Apparel and Footwear Solution, and the name itself, is self explanatory. SAP AFS is the SAP Solution directed to the Apparel and Footwear Industry. It is categorized under Consumable Products.

SAP AFS is assembled around the SAP Core. It has extra functionality to provide solution to industry specific scenario; in this case it is apparel and footwear industry.

Following are its key capabilities:

  • Ability to handle sizes (grids)
  • Ability to categorize products based on their common features (like country importing the goods, quality grade of the product)
  • Ability to handle seasonality.

In apparel and footwear industry,size wise handling of material is a unique requirement. Here AFS Grid Functionality plays the role. It is three dimensional i.e. we need, three different variable values to maintain the grid. Following example will help us to understand AFS grid in better way. If consumer wants products to be labeled, based on size (L), Side seam length (25) and the collar size (16 ½) we can achieve this using AFS Grids. We can independently maintain the value of these three variables. When came together, these variables become a unique combination. This approach, if implemented will reduce the data volume as well as complexities in great margin. The Grid value will appear as L-25-16 ½.

To categorize products with same type or with same characteristics, we use Categories extensively is AFS. Following example will explain the use of categories. After far-reaching quality checks, we can grade same product as A-Quality and B-Quality and these product will have different market value or pricing and consumer demands. We can replicate this scenario in SAP AFS using categories. The category allocation will help to handle the demand and supply.

In Apparel and footwear trade, Seasonality is one of the most important facet or deciding factors. We use this to change same product characteristics depending upon the season. For example, visual characteristics like color or label might get changed with upcoming season. Here AFS seasonality play important role. For certain extent Seasonality is particularly important in the SD (Sales and Distribution) module but affects the whole supply chain. We can maintain combination of Size and Category with seasonal settings in AFS. This comes handy for maintaining and managing very large industry specific data.

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