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SAP Automatic Payment Program – Configuration – Get To Know The Important Steps

In SAP, we have APP (Automatic Payment Program) for vendors and customers payment processing. Through this automatic payment program, end user can do payment processing for open items and down payments. Transactions like taxes, discount, interest etc. can be posted and cleared automatically. We can process outgoing as well as incoming payments. For this Automatic payment program, we require some customizations.

Customization for Automatic Payment Program: Transaction Code – FBZP

  • All Company Code
  • Paying Company Code
  • Payment method in the Country
  • Payment method in Company Code
  • Bank Determination
  • House Bank

Here, we can maintain the required details for APP process. In this customization, we can define tolerance days, cash discount and due dates. Through this customization, we can avail maximum discount and also utilize maximum number of credit days. We can process payments in local currency, parallel currency as well as third currency.

In this customization, we can maintain payment methods as per country and company code requirement, like usage of cheque, transfers, etc. In customization of payment method for a company code, we can decide minimum and maximum amount limit, foreign currency payment.

In customization, we enter bank details, through which the transaction processed and the payment being made. Here, we use house bank to process the payments of open items and advances. House bank details include bank country, address, and bank key. Customization plays an important role in what to be paid, how much to be paid in accordance with the available balance and when to pay customers or vendors.

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By Shreedhar Babu (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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