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SAP Banking – Major Processes In Loans Management – Get The Facts


SAP Loans management maps and supports all processes in the lifecycle of a loan. We present the major business processes and capabilities with SAP Banking Loans Management.

New Business
The New business process combines all contract acquisition activities from completing a contract to fully disbursing a loan amount to the Business Partner.

  • Definition of business partners, role assignment and credit scoring.
  • Illustration of contract acquisition using the conclusion of the contract and disbursement of the loan.

Position Management
The position management process includes all functions for mapping and maintaining the scheduled lifecycle of a loan.

  • Contract Processing (Ex: searching, displaying and changing loans.)
  • Carrying out debit positions, incoming payment management and postings.
  • Closing, valuation and management tasks.

Cash Flow Disturbances
The cash flow disturbances processes include all activities that arise as a result of the borrower inadequately setting due receivables.

  • Changes to the contract (ex: Reduction, withdrawal, and business operations such as payoff, deferral and notice.
  • Accounting (ex: underpayment, dunning, interest on arrears and value adjustments)

Expiry of contract
In addition to the scheduled end of a loan, there are many points in the lifecycle at which a loan can expire. These processes are grouped in expiry of contract.

  • Closing operations after the end of the contract.
  • Archiving expired loans.

Information system
The information system processes include Loan management’s own reporting and regulatory reporting and also using information in other data analysis systems.

  • Evaluating accounting, drill down and reports.

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By Manish Agarwal. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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