SAP Business Partner is a powerful mechanism to represent business entities and their relationships. In this blog, we provide an overview of the SAP Business Partner creation with basic data like name, address. Other data/information is dependent on Business Partner Category and assigned Role to that Business Partner.

Below are some important data which are required during Business Partner Creation. However, we need to understand Temporal Validity concept for Business Partner Data –

  • Temporal Validity
    Most of Business Partner data have time dependency, we can define validity period for stored Business Partner information like Valid From…Valid To. We can store below information with validity Date
  • Central Data
    Here we store general information (table BUT000) of Business Partner, like Business partner category, Business partner names and name affixes, Search terms,  Personal data  birth date,  Bank key. Some of this information is depend upon Business Partner Category.
  • Address Data
    There is provision to store different types of Address for single Business Partner like Current Address, Home Address, Holiday Address, Office Address, correspondence address etc. These addresses are time dependant this mean we have to mention validity period for each address.You can enter other addresses in addition to the standard address. The address management component manages the addresses centrally with a uniform structure. It determines whether the addresses entered meet country-specific rules and whether the cities and streets exist in the postal regional structure.  You can maintain any number of addresses for each business partner. One address per business partner is always flagged as being the standard address. You can define address usages by assigning the different addresses to the relevant business processes. Postal data and information on different communication types, such as phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail, can be assigned to the address. If you have only the name and the (mobile) phone number of a business partner but you don’t know the address, you can create a BP with this address-independent communication data.A postal validation for the postal code, the city and the street can be carried out by checking against the SAP Regional Structure.
  • Communication Data
    Here we store details of different types of communication methods like Telephone, mobile, Fax, e-mail etc.
    We can create communication details linked to an Address or Address independent communication Details.
  • Bank Details
    Here we can enter Bank details of Business Partner like Bank Name, Account information with Country code as Key, as system identifies Bank Details of Business Partner within any financial Transaction using Country code as Key.
  • Identification Number
    We can use this as an alternative to business partner number as business partner identification. We can define number of Identification number for single Business Partner, to do this first we need to define Identification type in SPRO.
  • Tax Number
    You can store this information for each business Partner Category and use the same in Reports or in Finance related transaction. You can make country specific customization in SORO.
    Enter business partners’ tax numbers on the Identification tab. The system automatically runs checks on some tax numbers.
  • Total Commitment
    This is Framework, used to identify SAP Business Partner involvement in othe SAP modules like Loan, Accounts. This display brief information about account or/and loan for one or more business partners that exist in a relationship with one another within the Business Partner.
    Even we can read Business Partner related information from other SAP or non-SAP system.This is very useful functionality for call Center Agent or even for Bank Manager to View all involvements of particular Business Partner.
    Total Commitment is available in a support package with release SAP_ABA 640.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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