SAP Business Partner is a powerful mechanism to represent business entities and their relationships. In this blog, we provide an overview of the SAP Business Partner number range that you can assign to business objects or their sub-objects of the same nature and type. Examples of such objects are business partners, G/L accounts, posting documents and materials.

Each number range has one or more number range intervals and a number assignment type.

There are two types of number range, which we can assign to Business Partner:

  1. Internal: When storing a data record, the SAP system automatically assigns a sequential number, which lies in the relevant number range interval.
  2. External: In this case, the number is assigned by the user or by an external system. You must make sure that the number lies in the relevant number range interval.Example: Domestic business partners: Number range 01, number range interval 100,000. 199,999 internal assignments.  Foreign business partners: Number range 02, number range interval 200,000. 299,999, external assignment.

Defining Number Range – (T-Code: BUCF)
The number range determines whether internal or external number assignment is to be used.

Define Number Ranges by creating number intervals like,
01: 2100000000 to 2199999999, internal number assignment
02: A to ZZZZZZZZZ, external number assignment

Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges
Once number range is created we need to assign that number range to “Grouping”. Following are some attributes which we need to maintain while defining Grouping.

Grouping – Assign each business partner to a grouping when you create the business partner. This determines the number range and you cannot change this (group) assignment once you assign and save the Business Partner.

Short Name –Grouping Name

Description – Grouping Description

Number Range – Here assign previously defined Number Range.

External – Indicator which determines whether the number range interval is external or internal.  Internal (‘ ‘) or external (‘X’) number.  You need to enter a number for external number, and that number must be between the from-number and the to-number of associated Number Range.

Internal Standard Grouping – Set this radio button if you want to use internal grouping as the standard grouping.

External Standard Grouping – Set this radio button if you want to use External grouping as the standard grouping.

Hide – Set this indicator, if you want to hide this grouping to be displayed in Grouping Dropdown list box on BP transaction.

All the Number Ranges defined are assigned to a group with a particular naming convention, which are used in Grouping Tab in Easy Access Screen of Business Partner.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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