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SAP Business Partner is a powerful mechanism to represent business entities and their relationships. In this blog, we present business partner relationship – they form a business-relevant connection between two business partners such as customer or supplier or employee.  To show that two business partners have a particular relationship to one another, we assign them a relationship category.

By entering a start and end date, a business partner relationship can be given a time limit. In this way, we can, for example, obtain an overview of those periods during which a particular company operated as a shareholder of an organization.

Existing relationships can be extended by adding attributes and new relationship categories via the Business Data Toolset (BDT). For this, we use the BP Relationships task level menu, which can be accessed with transaction /nBUMR.

Business Partner Relationship Category:
Business partner relationship categories describe the business-relevant relationship between business partners. The relationship category describes the properties of a relationship and characterizes it with attributes.

There is a difference between a one-way business partner relationship category and an undirected business partner relationship category. In a one-way relationship category, the relationship extends from one partner to another, but not vice versa (for example, “is employee of”). An example of an undirected relationship is “is married to”. With the business partner relationship category, we determine whether only one relationship of this category can be created (for example, “is married to”), or whether several relationships of this category can be created at the same time (for example, “is contact person of”).

The business partner relationship categories available depend on the business partner category in question. When a relationship is created, the system can check whether a business partner was created in a particular role (role dependency of a relationship category).

So while creating Business Partner Relationship Category we need to consider following important Attributes –

  • Description of Business Partner Relationship – from BP1 and BP2 Views
  • Differentiations Type
  • One-Way Business Partner Relationship Category
  • Time Constraint
  • Cardinality
  • Role Categories – For BP1 and BP2
  • Business Partner Categories –  For BP1 and BP2

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By Manish Agarwal. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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