Essential Success Factors In Implementing SAP – How Vital Is User Training?

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SAP implementation encompasses the processes and methods to implement the SAP ERP software in an organization. The SAP implementation method varies from company to company. It is based on best practices and case studies from available resources, and results in a complete implementation method that would allow the organization to plan and apply the implementation of SAP modules.

The implementation of SAP software is a huge operation that brings many changes in the organization. The implementation process can take several months usually, and it involves most of the staff in the organization i.e. from SAP technical support people to the end-users of the SAP software. As the process of SAP implementation is aimed to achieve streamlined and efficient business, it is therefore very important that proper training is provided to the employees for the following reasons:

  • Allows the employees to be more effective at using the SAP software
  • The employee-training part is mandatory for its capability to maximize future revenues
  • The end user training helps in motivating people and thus creating more user-friendly products.

For the end-user training process, we have to get the SAP user ID for the users so that they can go through the SAP navigation during the training. This will help them understand SAP functional modules and acquire knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SME). The process of end-user training helps new users to fully understand the process from the SAP view and work on the transactions in SAP independently. The purpose of the end user training’s is to make people more familiar with the process and understand how SAP support the business process. The standard schedule of SAP end user training is before the SAP implementation; thereafter, the user hands-on training can go on for 2-3 weeks.

After the end-user basic SAP and business process training, it is very good to conduct a User Acceptance Test (UAT) or Process Testing just before the Go-live. End users get well versed in the SAP environment. After the Go-live, we are well prepared as the process design has been tested by the functional or design team and real-world data has been uploaded in the SAP severs to the test environment. Also, super users have been trained in SAP and business concepts. The Super users dry run through the integration test script. This objective ensures the design work i.e. the data load is accurate and complete and the super users are trained properly.

This step of SAP end-user training plays a key role in successful SAP implementation; hence it should be included in the project plan so that it gives core business team and extended team good visibility of the comfort of the users in using the newly implemented SAP software.

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Please send us your questions, comments or assistance, and our team would be glad to assist you.

By Nikhil Joshi. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)


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