Creation of new loan request in SAP IS banking is done with certain conditions and object provided for loan. In Loan Management, we can create new loan, deactivate these loans, reactivate these loans, partial disbursement of the loans and many other possible business scenarios provided in SAP IS Banking.

New Loan creation is divided in several parts:

  1. Inquiry
  2. Offer
  3. Application
  4. Decision Making
  5. Creating Loan Contract
    1. Loan Inquiry means an interested party who may be our business partner comes to us for requirement of funds. When the interested party or business partner fulfills eligibility criteria or conditions, then the inquiry gets converted into application. We can change, deactivate and reactivate inquiry.

In SAP IS Banking we can enter the inquiry with T-Code – FNIA
Banking –>Loan Management –> Mortgage Loan –>Inquiry –>Create

    1. Loan Application gives us the understanding of Loan application created for interested party or business partner. Loan Application can also created directly without any inquiry. Borrower can enter his requirement of funds in that application. We can change, deactivate and reactivate application.

In SAP IS Banking we can use T Code FNI1.
Banking –>Loan Management –> Mortgage Loan –>Application –>Create

    1. Contract/Loan Offer means bank offer mortgage loan to the Interested party / Application against the property. We can change, deactivate and reactivate offer. We can say loan offer is an part of decision making.

In SAP IS Banking we can use T Code – FNA1.
Banking –>Loan Management –> Mortgage Loan –>
Contract Offer–>Create

    1. Decision Making, when bank obtain an application then management can take the decision on borrower’s requirement of fund. In SAP Banking we can deactivate the application as well as approve the application. We can also approve the application partially.

In SAP IS banking we can use T Code – FNIH.
Banking –>Loan Management –> Mortgage Loan –>
Decision–>Decision Making

    1. Creation of Loan Contract, when we create application formal contract also get created after taking decision on the application

In SAP IS banking we can use T Code – FNV1.
Banking –>Loan Management –> Mortgage Loan –>Application –>

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By Manish Agarwal. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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